Marvell Lane - FAQ's

As a swimwear company who designs swimwear specifically for women with large busts, sizes 8D - 16H, we will probably get a lot of questions about sizing, so if you're a size 10FF but don't see your size, then we recommend you check out our sizing chart and find your sister size! At this stage we've put in standard FAQs but will update and add to these once we get more FAQs from customers.

You don't make my size?

At this stage we've missed some half-sizes for our swimwear range, that being said our range still has 30 sizes! One day we might be able to do half sizes, but at this stage you're going to have to wear your sister size! Even our founder, Rachael, normally wears a 10FF, but finds that the 8G or 12F bikini tops fit her perfectly because they are the Sister-Size - they fit the same about of breast tissue! Head over to our Sizing page to find out your sister size!

Bust sizes J and above (and bikini brief sizes 18 and above)  - ladies, we're coming for you next! We just need to know how many of you are this size so we can work out our numbers and fit! Contact Us - we'd love to hear what you have to say!


Postage & Delivery Questions

We address all postage and delivery questions on our Shipping page. Head on over and check it out!



Fact: Sizes vary across different brands.

We deliberately do not supply the measurements for our tops because if a customer makes a mistake when measuring herself, this can lead to the wrong size top being purchased. Instead we offer an e-Fitting service. 

Check your size in our products before purchasing and save yourself the possible hassle of exchanging it for another size. There is nothing more satisfying than nailing your size first time!

Fill in the below form or email with the following information:

The photo will help us get an idea of what styles & shapes to recommend and if your measurements don't quite add up, we can put them into context.

How to measure is listed here if you're not sure.

Response Time

We will generally reply within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Often sooner!


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