2.0? 3.0? JUST EVIE?


Our iconic Evie plunge bra has been through a few phases over the years - here's what you need to know about the differences between them.


EVIE 2.0

The most cutaway and plunging generation with the least coverage.

EVIE 3.0

The deepest cup version, with the most side coverage.

EVIE 2024

The happy medium! More cutaway than Evie 3.0, but more supportive for soft breast tissue than Evie 2.0.

EVIE 2.0 VS. EVIE 3.0

Imogen is wearing the same size in both bras, with underwires aligned.


A few small things have changed about Evie's design over the years.

EVIE 2.0

Straps have an O ring.

EVIE 3.0 & EVIE 2024

No more O rings - straps are ultra-adjustable.

EVIE 2.0

The second loop for the straps to help secure the thicker strap set is made from clear plastic.

EVIE 3.0 & EVIE 2024

We've upgraded to entirely strong fabric loops.

Evie 2.0 and Evie 3.0 are archival styles that will not be restocked. If you love their fit, make sure to snag one while you still can.

The current generation of Evie is the final generation of Evie - we've gotten as close to a perfect fit for as many busty ladies as we can, and we're done meddling!