We know figuring out what bra size you should be wearing can be a real struggle as a busty lady - different brands have different sizing, bras change size over time as they stretch, it's a nightmare!

That's why we have a few different ways to help you find your size with us.

1. Quick & Easy:
Fit Quiz

Our Fit Quiz is a series of easy questions that will help you find your size.

- When you already have a general idea of your size.
- When you need a quick answer.

2. Personal feedback:

Submit your measurements and size details to us and one of our professional bra fitters will email you back with personalised sizing advice.

- If you have specific questions for us.
- If there’s something going on that might affect your fit, like pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain/loss, etc.

3. One-on-one attention:
Virtual Fitting

We now offer free virtual fittings, which can be done over Facetime or Skype in the privacy of your own home. Our professional (and lovely!) fitter will look at how your bra is fitting on a video chat and be able to give you real-time feedback, answer questions, and give a size recommendation.

- The most detailed feedback we can give you virtually!
- When you want to have a conversation about your size.

4. The Ultimate Experience:
In-House Fitting

If you’re in the Byron Bay or Brisbane areas, come by one of our showrooms to be professionally fitted by one of our experts.

- Finding your most accurate size before you buy!
- Fine-tuning your fit.
- Playing dress-up in ML goodies :)