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Now this isn't supposed to be an obvious statement, but for the uninitiated, you need to be prepared. I'm pregnant and my boobs have exploded in size!


Now this isn't supposed to be an obvious statement, but for the uninitiated, you need to be prepared. haha (*sobs*). I'm pregnant and my boobs have exploded in size. Like many women, I'm trying to embrace the changes and remain positive, but the truth is that it can be really bloody hard! I'm back to having almost no bras fit me (and that I can wear my nice tops/dresses with) and I feel like I'm a 16 year old trying to get used to my bust size all over again.

Whilst the increase in my bust size wasn't unexpected (due to my genetic pre-disposition) and it is very likely that my bust will get a lot bigger yet, I am still facing the same challenges many of you do with working out what to do with my extra boobage! 

For context, I've gone from wearing a size 8G in our swimwear (and most bras) to wearing an 8H and bordering on requiring an 8HH in my bras. That's an increase of 2-3 cup sizes! 

So, the question is... how do you shop for swimwear when your bust is rapidly changing size? 

I made a video of my experience and you can watch it on IGTV here or on our YouTube channel here (I can't promise YouTube won't remove it though - I said the word 'boobs'. grrr.) 

I help women with their pregnancy bust size questions all the time, whether through our eFitting service or in-person here in Byron Bay. I tend to find that the most increase in size tends to happen in the first trimester and then the next major increase is towards the very end of the pregnancy and after you give birth when your milk comes in! 

When your bust size first increases

  1. In your first trimester your cup size is likely to increase but your back/band size hasn't yet. So you'll still need a firm band fit. 
  2. For example, I needed more room in the cup and went up to an 8H from an 8G, I did not go from an 8G to a 10G. 
  3. The tops I recommend people try are our Ava Bikini Top or our Nina Crop because the back is adjustable. 
  4. I generally don't recommend people try the Emelie Bikini Top because whilst it might fit in the first trimester, it could become uncomfortable once your rib cage and the rest of your body starts to expand. It is a brilliant top for breastfeeding in though!

When your rib cage starts to widen
At the end of your second trimester and into the third trimester you will notice your rib cage will start to expand and this could cause discomfort when you have a rigid band - like the clip back on the Emelie Top. This is why we recommend the adjustable back and adjustable straps features of the Ava Top and Nina Crop - they'll be able to be let out or let down as your body changes, especially if you've got the right cup size.

So, should you bother buying swimwear at all whilst pregnant?

Obviously I'm going to say 'yes', because I love swimming and spend a lot of time in the water (I also own a swimwear company). That being said, if I was mostly pregnant during the cooler months, then I'd definitely hold off until after having my baby, the milk has come in and my bust size has settled. And I'm actually going to go swimming! Your body will go through so many changes that you want to make sure you're going to fit your swimwear at the time you're going to need it.

Want some help?

Regardless of whether you're newly pregnant, half-way through your pregnancy or you've just had your baby - we can definitely help you with your sizing questions. It's why we offer our eFitting service. We know the struggle is real and just want to help you! So get in touch with our lovely team - we have the nicest women trained in providing sizing advice and helping you find your perfect size. 

I hope this has been helpful for you, and if not, then I'm sorry. haha. Just know that you're definitely not the only woman out there with pregnancy boobs! 

Biggest love,

Rach xx

2 comments on PREGNANCY BOOBS: It's a thing
  • Jessica Olivieri
    Jessica OlivieriApril 24, 2021

    I love this!! I just had my first and had the same experience- still finding coming to terms with my new boobs (from 8G to 10HH) a challenge! But good to know I’m not alone! X

  • Liz Borham
    Liz BorhamFebruary 25, 2021

    Congratulations beautiful Rachael xx Liz

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