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My boobs have never looked better... Seriously.

Hands down, this is my favourite bra of all time. So I've reviewed* it for you. The best way for our busty community to look after each other is to...

I'm fairly certain I've found the Holy Grail. Well, the holy grail for bras, that is.

Enter: Ewa Michalak. Never heard of this label? Me either, until now! They come all the way from Poland and I found them on my latest bra expedition to Brava Lingerie (the mecca of busty bras).


For so many years I was offered full coverage/ full cup/ minimiser bras which just left me feeling like my bust (a) had to be covered up; and (b) like I should be ashamed of my breasts. But not anymore! Bra designs have come a long way and this Ewa Michalak bra is so damn sexy and not bulky at all that I suggest you try one stat! 

I love the Black Mist SM bra (pictured on me*) because my goodness, I've never experienced such lift! My boobs went sky high, I tell you, sky high!

Normally I avoid bras which provide so much lift because labels often use padding or moulded cups to achieve this effect, which leaves me feeling like I have excess breast tissue (and extra bulk) sitting immediately under my chin. No need for a coffee table when you can simply rest your tea cup on your boobs and sip from there, right?! (Yes, I am hugely hyperbolic with my metaphors but I feel like I really paint a proper picture this way...)

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes. LIFT + no padding + a gorgeous lace edging + a sheer cup. All of which makes me feel racy and sexy - even though I'm only wearing it under a t-shirt. Packing bikinis. In tights. With joggers and a sweaty top knot. I. Still. Feel. Sexy. 

Whilst I must say that when I looked at the brand online I didn't think it looked like it would have any designs I love, I must implore you to move past that and try this bra. I can't speak for their other designs but when I'm next in Brava I'll be on the lookout!



I wear an 8G in all of Panache, Freya and Marvell Lane Swimwear. In this particular bra I wear an EU 65G - which is the equivalent of an AU 8F in direct sizing translation. So I think the cup runs slightly larger but just reach out to Brava Lingerie for some sizing advice or better yet? Head in-store to get some professional fit advice! Brava Lingerie have completely changed the bra shopping experience for me.

This brand has a HUGE size range, from 6FF to 20F and everything in between, which is an amazing production feat!



This bra costs $99.00 and is worth every penny**. It has been a long while since I have loved a bra this much. And when I love a bra? I buy it in every colour! Or just more of the same colour. Whatever they've got!


Anyway, I hope this review has been helpful. I hope I have inspired you to try a new brand and fall in love as much as I did!


*yep, I'm staying strong and moving past my mortification of publishing an image of my nipples. On the internet. For the world to see. Such is my commitment to my big booby community!

**I do want to say that this bra review is not sponsored. I purchased this bra from Brava Lingerie and just feel compelled to tell my busty ladies all about it - we have to spread the good word!


Marvell Lane Musings is the blog space I, Rachael Calvert, started for my swimwear label, Marvell Lane. I created Marvell Lane as a swimwear label designed fashion-conscious women with large busts. My dream is that Marvell Lane will become the go-to swimwear label for fuller busted women with designs from underwired bikinis to wire-free bikinis and amazing one pieces you'd love to wear all day. 

My current fuller bust swimwear size range goes from 8D, 8DD, 8E, 8F, 8G, 8H, 10D, 10DD, 10E, 10F, 10G, 10H, 12D, 12DD, 12E, 12F, 12G, 12H, 14D, 14DD, 14E, 14F, 14G, 14H, 16D, 16DD, 16E, 16F, 16G, 16H. So I hope that you find your cup size in our swimwear range and if you don't then get in touch so I know which other sizes people are looking for!

2 comments on My boobs have never looked better... Seriously.
  • Adelaide Morse
    Adelaide MorseJuly 03, 2020

    Ewa Michalak is the only bra brand I purchase! I love the way my boobs sit in them – I find a lot of brands, even those carried by companies like Brava, have a tendency to assume that my boobs sit further to the side than what they actually do, so the bras don’t sit quite right – but Ewa bras always sit perfectly!

  • Steph
    StephNovember 21, 2019

    This was my favourite bra before I had my breast reduction last year. I only just bought it again recently in my new size and I forgot how amazing it is!
    The love the lift and shape it gives.

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