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Lady Startup Stories, MARVELL LANE and my best friend* Mia Freedman

Podcast: 'How Big Boobs Built A Business' sounds pretty apt for MARVELL LANE, doesn't it?  My dream came true and Mia Freedman invited me onto the very podcast I've been...

The biggest career highlight of my life recently occurred. 'How Big Boobs Built a Business' is my interview with Mia Freedman for Lady Startup Stories. Is that not the most apt title you've ever heard? I love it. Have a listen here!

If you told me 3 years ago that one of the most influential people in my life - Mia Freedman of Mamamia - would want to interview me for her Lady Startups podcast, I would have laughed my breasts off at you. I would never have thought my juicy thighs and big boobs would catch the attention of Mia herself.

But hey, it's 2020, some crazy shit has happened and here were are! #notcomplaining

My connection** and time with Mia and Mamamia goes a long way back to when I still lived in Sydney (around 2014) and I was having a career crisis. I was miserable in the corporate world and found myself on the Mamamia website most days, loving what I was reading: women's content, women's media and opinion pieces (of which I have plenty. haha). So I thought 'I could do that!' and I shot off an email to Mia offering my skills as a writer/intern and never heard back. I thought my email was a long shot anyway! haha. But I still loved Mamamia (and Mia).  #nevergiveup

Then in early 2016 when I was driving out of Sydney to my new life in Byron Bay, the Mamamia Outloud podcast flashed up on my screen and I thought, 'What's this?'. There was a backlog of episodes for me to catch up on and my husband kindly (dutifully) let me binge-listen to them all for the whole 9 hour drive. #thatswhyImarriedhim. 

Since then I've watched the Mamamia empire grow, the Mamamia podcast offering explode (thankfully - I listen to them all) and like many other women in Australia and world, I have cheered on the media empire which has dedicated itself to producing content for women. 

In fact, in early October 2018 Jessie Stevens recommended MARVELL LANE in her Friday recommendations! I wrote about that experience here. Seriously cool! 

Anyway, if you're curious about MARVELL LANE or me then have a listen to this episode, I'm sure you'll find it interesting. You might also just want business tips! 

In all seriousness though, I can't thank Mia enough for inviting me onto her podcast. As always she continues to support the Lady Startup movement and her impact on my life and many other women's lives continues to be enormous. 

Big love,

Rachael x

*In my dreams Mia is my best friend. 

**'Connection': I use this term loosely - as one does with high profile people. I felt connected to Mia but she had no idea who I was. haha.


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1 comment on Lady Startup Stories, MARVELL LANE and my best friend* Mia Freedman
  • Jacqueline Oakey
    Jacqueline Oakey November 07, 2020

    Hi,just found out about your range for fuller figures. I’m an 8G and find it so hard to cover them the right way. I’m heading up to Byron in the next few weeks and keen to see your swimwear. Where is your shop as I would like to try some on please. I’m an older figure too so find it hard with 8G breasts. Thank you Jackie 🌸

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