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How did we get here?

Having big boobs and dreading swimwear shopping go hand-in-hand. Every woman with a large bust knows this. Head over to my journal to see how Marvell Lane came about. Love, Rach. xx  

Frustration. That's how we got here. When you've got big boobs and can't find attractive swimwear that fits, the only thing you can do (other than go swimming topless - which is liberating, mind you) is suffer through and wear swimwear you hate or... you could design your own swimwear line???

My foray into designing swimwear was also brought about because I moved to Byron Bay and my trusty bikini top of 3 years virtually disintegrated on me. Fair enough, too. I wore that thing to death - not because I loved the way it looked. I've never loved how any of my old swimwear looked, but because it was sleek and supportive with no moulded or padded cups. It's only defining features. Other than that, it was pretty nondescript, boring and matronly, which is par for the course when you have a large bust, but as a fashion lover, is abominable, relatively speaking.


I've always had big boobs. As soon as I hit puberty (age 9), I developed big boobs quite quickly. By the time I was 13, I had size 10C cup boobs. Now, this doesn't seem that remarkable when you're an adult, but when you're one of the very few girls who has developed boobs, let alone big boobs at the age of 13, you notice that it is actually remarkable. Remarkable because at such a young age, you're on a quick path to boys staring and teasing, men looking at your body differently and as they quickly develop into larger breasts - not being able to acquire a bra for under $50! Or buy a bra in your tiny country town - long before the wonder of online shopping!

I've had the past 16 years to acquire a very good understanding of what I do and don't like when it comes to underwear and swimwear! Now, I have added all these elements into my capsule range of swimwear and hopefully I've started something you can all enjoy! 

Much love,

Rach xx

1 comment on How did we get here?
  • Diana
    DianaDecember 20, 2017

    You’re an inspiration dear Rach! Congratulations and wishing you every success cos you certainly deserve it!

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