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Customer Try On | Swimwear for big busts!

We're back again with another customer try-on! This time a new MARVELL LANE customer, Paige, has graciously volunteered to do fitting with our founder, Rachael! Paige is a 20 year old...

We're back again with another customer try-on! This time a new MARVELL LANE customer, Paige, has graciously volunteered to do fitting with our founder, Rachael!

Paige is a 20 year old student who has always struggled to find swimwear for large busts that she actually feels comfortable and confident in (sound familiar?). She's 184cm, currently wears a 12F bra and tends to fit into a 10/12 in dresses, depending on the brand. 

You can watch the full video here.

Paige's main concern during the fitting was to find a big bust bikini top she felt was secure enough for water sports but also looked really good and made her feel like any 20 year old wants to feel in a bikini - AMAZING! Luckily for Paige, she came to the right place for all of the above!

Right away we popped her into an Emelie Top size 12F which is the same size of the bra she was wearing when she came in. Similar to the fit of her bra this top was looking good, however the band was riding up a touch and it was feeling a bit loose. Note: It's really important to get a nice and firm band fit in bikini tops as the material will give slightly when wet and with wear, so it's always important to go with the more snug option! 

From here we decided to have Paige try on the same top but in a 10G, this size is technically one cup size smaller that the 12F and one band size smaller (if you'd like to learn more about sister sizing, you can find our chart here.) The smaller size looked beautiful! The band was nice and smooth, the underwires encapsulated  her side breast and the neckline really accentuated her bust shape!

Then it was time to find a pair of matching bikini bottoms! Paige usually goes for high waisted bikini bottoms with a bit more coverage. So when we first had her try on our Harper Brief she wasn't quite sure if she liked it or not. This is a mid-rise, high cut bikini bottom that Rachael designed to sit right above that little "belly pooch" most women have. This brief is definitely one of our more popular briefs for anyone looking for a sexier option! 

Next, Paige popped on the Elena Brief which has a higher waist than harper bikini bottom and overall a tad more coverage. This bikini bottom is perfect if you prefer a bit more coverage around the tummy area and you enjoy the 'held in' feeling of a high waisted bikini bottom. 

Paige ended up choosing the Harper Brief to go with the Emelie Top to try something new as she normally wouldn't go with something mid-rise. We think she looked amazing in this bikini bottom and made the right choice!

Paige's final thoughts: 

The Emelie swim top is hands down the best swimmer top I have ever had! I love the material, the fit and the shape that the top gives me. It is so elegant and flattering. It’s not often (never actually) that I go out in public feeling comfortable and supported in a bra let alone swimwear and this top does exactly that while being so gorgeous in colour and fit! The hidden bra and underwire is such a game changer!

As for the bottoms, they are perfect to wear to the beach with friends, sun baking and also around family. The nicest style for the lower tummy to be covered due to being high waisted but also the coverage, so perfect.. I love that the material, it's nice and firm and they are super quick drying! And the powder blue colour is TO DIE FOR!
If you or someone you know is in need of an in-house fitting with Rachael or another MARVELL LANE team member. Email our team at to book yours today! Learn more about our in-house fittings here.
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