CURIOUS: What do our bikinis look like on a 12H bust size?

We know you've all seen what MARVELL LANE looks like on our founder, Rachael (bust: 8G, brief: 10-12) but we thought you might appreciate seeing it on a different size bust!

Meet our model, Hollie Azzopardi. Like most of our customers, Hollie has a gorgeous voluptuous figure with a 12GG bust and a size 12 brief. Hollie wears a 12H in all our swimwear tops and a size 12 in all our briefs and we made a try-on video with Hollie so you can see our designs on a 12GG/12H bust size. You can watch it on IGTV here or YouTube here.

In this try-on video, we go through all the things you need to look for when finding the right size bikini top (and bra!). So a few general things about your current bra size that you should keep in mind.

1. The right band fit is crucial! If your bra band is slightly too big (and you're not aware that it is) then your swimwear band will definitely be too big. So a few things to consider:

  • Does your band fit nice and firmly? Or, does it ride up a little bit at the back? Do you wear it on the middle or tightest hook? If you answer 'yes' to either of the second questions, then your band is too big. 
  • Is your bra band size bigger than your dress size? i.e. do you wear a size 12 dress but wear a 14DD bra? Or a size 8 dress but a size 12DD bra? Generally speaking, your bra band size, should not be bigger than your dress size. We know that when many women have issues fitting their cup size, it is often easier to size up in the band (i.e. from a 12DD to a 14DD) than it is to size up in the cup alone (i.e. going from a 12DD to a 12E instead). This is because so many stores have limited fuller bust options. Brava Lingerie has amazing options for DD cups and up.

2. The underwire provides support and shape. So how to judge if your underwire fits properly?

  • Your underwire should ideally sit flush against your chest in the middle and come all the way under your breast to encapsulate all the side-breast tissue. For some women, this can come back all the way to under the arm (like on our founder, Rachael).
  • If your underwire cuts in at the side or the middle of your breast tissue or sits out from your chest, then it is too small and you need to size up in the cup (i.e. go from an E cup to an F cup). This does not mean to you need to size up in the band (i.e. from a 12DD to a 14DD). See point 1 above.

3. What style top best suits the bust shape where your breasts naturally sit close together?

  • In this video, you will see that Hollie has a bust shape which is close-set. The two best styles for this shape is our Ava Bikini Top or our Nina Crop - as both have the same shaped underwire with a deep plunge. 
  • In all other videos that Rachael has done (check out our IGTV channel), you will see that her bust is naturally quite separate - there is a large gap between her breasts. This means the Emelie Top really suits Rachael although the Ava Top and Nina Crop are both great options as well. 

We know getting the right size can be difficult which is why we offer our eFitting service. If you need some help then just get in touch! We have the loveliest staff who can offer you professional fitting advice. Contact us here.

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Great post!!… I’m still so happy with my beautiful floral one piece. After a year of wear, it still feels brand new every time I wear it, and NEVER stretches when wet!!
Anyway …just something I thought of. So many women DON’T shop at proper stores that actually fit bras. I know women that say they are DD , but that’s just because Target Doesn’t make any bigger etc… I reckon you should suggest going to a store that specifically fits underwear… that might help!!??
Hope you are well, let me know next time you are coming to Noosa and I’ll drop you off a loaf of my Sourdough💋

Liz Halley February 17, 2021

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