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Women are intelligent beings... what interests you?

Women have interests outside of fashion. Not that you can tell this from the general marketing aimed at women every day... That being said, the online world is a brilliant...

I know women are intelligent. And I know women are consuming so much content online these days. I know this not because I am the Oracle (pretty close to it, though), but because I also consume a lot of content. Whether it be reading the news and blogs online or listening to podcasts, predominantly about women's issues, but also about fashion and sustainability, real life stories, start-ups, female-led businesses, politics (sometimes) and fiction - oh, and we can't forget Instagram.

One of the great things about technology, and the internet, is that there's more content than ever being produced by women for women. Content we want to listen to and which I can't get enough of! Prior to now, content was largely featured on the TV, radio, newspapers and magazines only and these forms of media were predominantly created by men, for men and the small amount of content targeted at women was predominantly created by men for women. Because, you know, men know everything.

Anyway, I'm sharing some interesting podcasts (mostly podcasts) which I listen to... Podcasts are brilliant for exercise and cleaning. They are only thing that distract me from the painful task at hand...

This is some of what I'm listening to:

1 comment on Women are intelligent beings... what interests you?
  • Iana McLellan
    Iana McLellanNovember 18, 2017

    loving your “blog”……like getting to know exactly what you are all about!….

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