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Which plunge bra should you try? A comparison.

Marvell Lane founder, Rachael has reviewed two near-identical plunge bras for you - saving you the time and possibly a LOT of money! You can find our where to buy them...

Edit: If you've just watched the IGTV episode for the plunge bra recommendation, then I recommended the Panache Everly High Apex Bra - you can find it online here.


Like most women, I want to be able to wear a spaghetti strap dress or a plunging neckline without having the cups of my bra on display. Even though busty women have plenty of lovely bras to choose from these days (and if you don't believe me, then you need to visit my friends at Brava Lingerie) I still struggle to find a bra that has enough fabric cut out of the cup to allow me to wear the style of dress or top I'm talking about. 

That being said, I have found two bras - nearly identical in style and shape - which might just do the trick. I've compared these bras to save you the hard work and money. To be perfectly frank, there is a major price difference between these bras and this is a classic example of where paying more won't necessarily get you a better result.

Let me introduce the:

I'm wearing the Chantelle Bra on the right and the Panache Bra on the left so you can see the difference (spoiler: there isn't much difference). 

Both bras feature:

  • Soft, thin inner foam cups; 
  • Underwires;
  • Thin straps (only 1.5 cm wide);
  • Basic lace detailing;
  • Low scooped backs.
  • Chantelle sizes: 8D - 16F (limited sizes); and
  • Panache sizes: 6E - 6GG, 8E - 8H, 10DD - 10H, 12DD - 12H, 14E - 14GG, 16D - 16DD (different colour).

The Chantelle Festivite Plunging T-Shirt Bra ($129.95)

This bra is very pretty so I really wanted it to work for me. It also has a plunge deep enough for my clothing style. I bought this bra months before I discovered the Panache bra, which is why I bought it in the first place.

I had to size up in the band to a size 10 from my usual size 8, because Chantelle only go up to an F cup. So an 8F is too small and the cup size of the 10F fits reasonably well. 

Now, normally I wouldn't just size up in the band, but I was desperate for a deep plunge-style bra to wear with a specific dress. Whilst the bra fits well enough, I cannot wait to take this bra off after wearing it because it doesn't fit me around the back properly - it's too big. I find that because the band doesn't fit firmly enough, the underwires and the cups move around more than they should and this is uncomfortable. That is why the correct band size is essential! If this style bra came in a smaller band size and a bigger cup (i.e. an 8G) it would be perfect for me.

Upside: So if you're able to wear a cup size D-F in any of the band sizes 8-16 then give this bra a go, but if you want to save some dollars, then check out the Panache bra.

Downside: Very limited cup sizes for anyone above an F cup (me included). So if you can't get the right band size, then don't bother sizing up. However not all is lost, I still have something for my G & H cup ladies below!

The Panache Everly High Apex Plunge Bra ($84.95)

This is the best plunge bra I've tried to date, available in a wide range of sizes! I bought this bra online - without trying it on - in my usual cup size, 8G.

This bra provides a lovely, rounded shape and your boobs will defy gravity when wearing it, making it the perfect deep-plunge bra to wear under that dress. The other great thing is this bra is available in my band size, which means I can get the perfect band fit and thus a more comfortable wearing experience!

I only have a couple of "criticisms" and these would be:

  • the top of the cup comes up a little too high to wear under a really strappy dress (but you can wear it under a super plungey dress); and
  • the inner moulded cup fits a little smaller than usual - my big boob tends to want to fall out a little. I don't worry about this though, I just adjust the cup lace when needed and voila (!) problem solved. I could probably size up to an 8H though.

Upside: Good lift, shape and depth of plunge - and super cheap - $84.95. I would consider buying it again.

Downside: Cups are slightly smaller than usual, so size up in the cup if you have one bigger boob like me! Otherwise, just order your usual bra size and you'll be fine.

Where can I buy these bras from?

I purchased both these bras through Brava Lingerie and have provided links to where you can access them here (Chantelle) and here (Panache). This review is not sponsored and merely part of my quest to help my busty community out.

Let me know if you've tried either of these bras? Did you love them? Hate them? Why?

1 comment on Which plunge bra should you try? A comparison.
  • Lisa Taylor
    Lisa Taylor April 10, 2020

    I am keen to try that panache it looks great!

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