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The Saint Helena has done it again for big boobs!

Hello my busty friends,

I've taken it upon myself to try on beautiful clothing for the busty community once again (I know, what a chore, huh?) and tell you whether it will work for our busty figures. 

Well, let me re-introduce you to The Saint Helena. The Saint Helena is a gorgeous lady startup based here in Byron Bay and this is the second summer that I am reaching for her clothing. Shannon (designer and founder of The Saint Helena) designs consciously for the female form, factoring in space for fuller busts, juicy thighs, curvy hips and she has a huge size range from XS - XXL. This means you'll purchase pieces that not only fit wonderfully, but accentuate and celebrate your figure.

You can watch my review of these pieces on IGTV here and I've summarised the size and price of the pieces I LOVE below. I am a size 10-12 dress size, wear an 8J bra - my boobs proportionally to the rest of my body are bigger than most of yours - so these pieces will absolutely fit you.

Happy shopping!

1. Selena Blouse - $149, XS - XL (I wear a S)

This top is like something out of Picnic At Hanging Rock. It is super romantic and has gorgeous detailing in the embroidered fabric and pretty pleats. The divine bell sleeve make it a statement top that I honestly think I'll wear forever. Forever! 

It is 100% cotton so super breathable and what's best? You don't have to size up to fit your bust. I even wear mine buttoned to the top and it doesn't make my boobs look even bigger! 

Style it tucked into high-waisted jeans or better yet, pair it with the Selena Shorts below for a gorgeous set. It is also breastfeeding friendly! Yay!

PS: This top comes with a slip that doesn't fit my bust. Not a problem because I don't think you need a slip underneath. Just a plain or pretty bra will do - you choose!

2. Selena Shorts - $89, XS - XL (I wear a M)

These. Shorts. Fit. Juicy. Thighs. Let me repeat: These. Shorts. Fit. Juicy. Thighs. 

I nearly didn't try these shorts because shorts rarely fit my thighs relative to my waist size. I have juicy, muscular thighs and often struggle in this area but these shorts are PERFECT! They have additional fabric pleated through the waist which billows into the leg. I am a solid size 12 through the thighs, a 10 through the waist and fit the size M. I think I could even fit the S because they're so roomy. You'll LOVE them, even more so if you're juicy.

3. Vera Denim Midi Dress - $189, XS - XL (I wear a M)

I wear this dress, I wash this dress and then I wear it again. I know I'm on a winner when I'm constantly rummaging through the clean washing basket and hope that it's in there! haha. I forgot to take a pic for the main image, so it isn't there. My bad.

The tiers of this dress and the light-weight denim means that it doesn't shoot off your bust and look like a moo moo. This dress is roomy, yes, but all the detailing means it is such a winner for daytime wear. I guarantee you'll love it. It's also breastfeeding friendly! Woo hoo for me!

Size advice: I have another dress in a similar shape from last summer (from The Saint Helena) and I have it in a S. This was all well and good (and fit my 8G bust just fine) but now that I'm breastfeeding, my bust is an 8J so I guessed correctly and sized up to the M to fit my bust. NOTE: Unless your bust is as big as mine (proportionally to my body) then I don't suggest you size up. If I wasn't breastfeeding and still an 8G then I'd stick with the S. So if you're an H cup and above, size up.

4. Mara Day Dress (Wheat) - $149, XS - XXL (I wear a S)

Another dress I love. I wasn't sure how this one would fit (i.e. thought it could look like a tent), but I was curious enough to try it because the pleating on the bust and at the back made me think this might fit me nicely. And it does.

The fullness of this dress is divine, but not excessive and the pleating across the bust creates great shape and movement. I tried to show this in the IGTV. I simply style this dress with sandals, a low bun and a fine gold necklace and it looks gorgeous and classy. Highly rate. I breastfeed in this dress by pulling down over my bust, not ideal but that doesn't phase me. haha.

I do get a touch of peaking at the side cup, but I think this is only because of my bust size and it does't bother me. I think anyone up to a G cup probably won't experience this but the H-J cups might. Watch the IGTV video if you want to see what I'm talking about. Again, it looks fine and doesn't bother me at all.

5. Cleo Midi Dress - $169, XS - XL (I wear a S)

You need to try this dress on to truly appreciate this print. I confess, I wasn't sure about the colour online but as soon as I pulled this dress on, I LOVED IT! It's also my husband's favourite dress and probably my Christmas Day outfit! It's also breastfeeding friendly! Winning! See the pic in the main photo: love!

This dress has beautiful fabric covered buttons and the neckline is super flattering on a fuller bust. It is absolutely gorgeous! The waist of this dress is comfortably cinched with an elasticated band at the back. This means that it pulls in nicely without making you feel like you're being cut off at the middle.

You won't be disappointed with this dress. 

6. Selena Gown - $179, XS - XXL (I wear a S in the review, I sized up to a M for my bust size only). See my comments below.

I mean, the Selena Gown and Selena Blouse are big, big, big winners in my book! Drama, romance, detailing and the colour means this dress and top will remain in my wardrobe for years to come. I guarantee everyone will ask about this dress when you wear it and you'll feel gorgeous wearing it. It's a magical combination of beautiful fabric and the dramatic bell sleeves, I think?!

It has a string to bring in the waist which creates a lovely shape and the movement of the skirt creates great form. The high-low hem gives a very slight "party at the front" feel to it. haha. So much fun!

Size advice: Just order your usual dress size. The only reason I am sizing up from a S to a M is because my bust size paired with tying it at the waist brought the front hem up too high. It fits across the bust perfectly. The M is a great hem length. I think if you're a F cup and below then you'll be fine to shop your usual dress size, but I think G cups and above could try the next size up so the hem fits well.

That's it! Hope you find some pieces you'll love. I'll bring some colour and fun your way next week with Part 2.

- Rach xxoo

PS: Whilst these pieces were gifted to MARVELL LANE for a review, that did not influence whether I recommended them. They all fit my bust (and therefore will fit your bust) and I didn't include 2 pieces which wouldn't work at all. 

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