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The best denim shorts for a big booty and small waist

Have small waist and juicy thighs? Me too. And I've found the best denim shorts for women like you and me which struggle to find denim shorts and jeans which...

There is nothing quite as anxiety inducing as jeans shopping, especially when you're built like me - with a smaller waist and really juicy thighs.

Now, much like my bust size, my butt size isn't unusual (in my opinion. haha). However it is larger than other's proportionately to my waist size, which causes me much difficulty when it comes to buying anything that will fit my butt and my waist! 

I've always been quite muscular through my thighs which is super helpful for running quickly (and kicking my brothers' backsides when they've pushed me to my limit*). However I rarely buy shorts or jeans because I often have to buy a size up to fit my butt and thighs which causes them to be too large through the waist - hello dreaded waist gap! In fact, I find it so hard to find shorts to fit my shape that I pretty much don't even bother trying them, let alone buying them. Ever!

One of my busty customers, who also has a juicy backside and thighs recommended I try these jeans from another Australian ladystart up called Peachay. Bella, who owns Peachay, designs products for this exact fit issue! In fact, she's made her whole business about creating jeans - and now shorts and skirts - for women who cannot find the right fitting garment in a regular store. 

I bought the Olivia Shorts from Peachay and I was so excited (and a lil' bit nervous) to receive them! I loved my Chelsea jeans so much that I couldn't wait to see if the Olivia Shorts will deliver. And guess what? I LOVE THEM! I reviewed them on IGTV here.


  • All products are made one size larger through the leg compared with the waist! So you shop your waist size - I buy the Daisy size (size 10 waist and 12 thighs).
  • Organic cotton - need I say more? Love the environmentally aware decision to manufacture with organically grown fibres.
  • Made in Australia - any business which supports the manufacturing industry locally gets a big tick in my book (even though I can't manufacture locally, it would be my dream!).


I can't think of a single con with this product. I love it.


$165.00 (inc GST) whilst I acknowledge that this is a little more expensive than what you'd expect to pay for denim shorts, I implore you to remember 3 things:

  1. This is a small business and they don't have the same buying power that large corporations have to access super cheap prices. However, they're fixing a niche problem that I'm yet to see any big corporate fix in their businesses, so I'm very happy to pay for a product which not only fits me, but which I love!
  2. They're made with organic cotton. The sad reality is that it costs more to produce products organically and this is reflected in the cost of purchasing the materials to make these garments.
  3. They're made in Australia. To be frank, the cost of manufacturing in Australia is really high and this is for a number of reasons, however the major driver of higher cost is labour hire. So this is always going to reflect in a more expensive product.


*Whilst I don't condone violence, I am one of five kids who grew up in very loud household. The fact is you had to kick someone's backside on occasion, just to survive!

This recommendation is entirely unsponsored. Whenever I review a product, I've paid for the garment and only recommend it because I genuinely love it! 

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