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{Powerful Stories} with Tory Archbold

There is SO MUCH to unpack with the MARVELL LANE story and how we brought this busty community to life. Topics covered: Internalised misogyny, busty lingerie and swimwear, ditching the corporate...

There is SO MUCH to unpack with the MARVELL LANE story and how I brought this busty community to life.

In my interview with Tory Archbold of Powerful Steps we cover many issues that have affected me and how I've shaped my life - everything from my upbringing in the Northern Territory, to the most tragic event of my life being the death of my youngest brother Tom, my move away from the corporate world and quite frankly - just being fed up with the lack of options out there for busty women when it comes to swimwear, lingerie and fashion! 

Download this episode and enjoy all 30 minutes of this juicy chat - the best kind of episode for exercise, commuting or driving. 

**Trigger warning: this episode briefly covers the topic of suicide and my ongoing journey with my own chronic depression. If you're struggling or need help then please immediately call your family or a friend and tell them or contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636. Help is out there and you are cherished. 

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