My Top Two Sports Bras For Big Boobs

I grew up loving all types of sports. And then I got boobs. All of a sudden my body looked and felt different and to be completely honest, I became really self-conscious about my breasts, especially when playing sports against males. Back then, there were very limited options when it came to sports bras appropriate for larger busts. 

But, thankfully the industry has come a long way as far as options for big boobs go. And although I'm not playing netball every weekend anymore I do still enjoy being active in my favourite sports bras!

Over the years I have tried 100's of sports bras. Well, maybe not 100's, but a lot! Some have broken within a few wears while others provided my 8H bust with zero support. But FINALLY I found, tried and tested two sports bras in particular that I reach for every time I head to the gym!

Shock Absorber Active D+ Sports Bra

~ 5/5 stars ~

Okay ladies, if you're looking for something that feels like you're completely held in then I would recommend the Shock Absorber Active D+ Sports Bra. This bra is all about compression! I can run and jump in this bra and my boobs do not move. It has no underwires and a nice thick band which means this bra feels really comfortable and doesn't dig into the skin. My only complaint with this bra is that it only goes up to a size G. Which just isn't great for my H cup ladies! :( One more thing I'd like to note about this bra is that I would recommend sizing up in the band as they do run a little small!

Panache Sport Moulded Sports Bra

~ 4.5/5 stars ~

Before I discovered the Shock Absorber Bra, this Panache Sport Moulded Sports Bra was my one and only go-to sports bra! I own 6 of them. This one, unlike the Shock Absorber, is underwired but still has an amazing thick band. I personally don't mind the feeling of underwires, but if you're sensitive to them, the Shock Absorber Bra may be a better option. This bra is less compressing than the Shock Absorber, so if you're looking for a slightly lower-impact option, I would definitely recommend this one! This bra is available in cup sizes D all the way to HH! 

This review is in no way sponsored and I paid full price for both of these bras. I just wanted to share my busty must haves with my community!

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