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Meet: In The Raw

Want something organic, luxe and beautiful for yourself or a loved one? Look no further. Check out In The Raw. PS: We have a 15% discount code just for our...

When I fell pregnant with my daughter Murphy, I began to really start focussing not only what I was putting into my body, but also what I was putting on my body. I was already using "natural", "organic" products but really, when I flipped the bottles over, there'd often be in excess of fifty ingredients to make a particular product. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but that's how I stumbled across In The Raw, here in Byron Bay. I'm now friends with Steph from In The Raw and she has kindly created a discount code just for our busty community (see end of article).

Steph is a qualified formulator and beautician and creates hand-crafted, organic products and hand-blends all her own scents. It is truly artisan work and I think that's why her products feel far superior to mass-made products.

For you to understand why I love In The Raw's products, I need you to think of the business as a divine scent... You know when you walk into a store and it smells like heaven? The scent you capture in you mind when you're post-massage at a spa and feel like you could float off into the clouds? When you try a new product and can't stop raising your arm to your nose to smell it? When someone walks by you and they smell so good that you want to wrap yourself in everything they have on? That's what In The Raw smells like. Every product they make, from their scrubs (like heavenly angels dissolving on your skin - haha), to their body oils (your skin has never been so thirsty - I can't use enough), to their serums and face-creams (these are next-level). Even their bespoke candle scents capture moments and places with incredible clarity! The Bangalow 2479 candle is somehow a combination of masculine energy and lightly fresh herbs wrapped up in one - you'll never want to put it out. 

Other products I love... there are MANY more I want to try though!

Organic Body Oil

I used Raw Mumma whilst pregnant. Every. Single. Day. On my belly and breasts. But after pregnancy, my go-to is now the Gypsy scent. I get asked what I'm wearing every time I use this body oil. It's super light and gets absorbed really quickly, so there usually isn't any transfer to my clothes. Must have item. 

Organic Body Scrub

I recently reviewed the Organic Body Scrub (Gypsy) on an IGTV episode so you can see how lovely it is when it dissolves on the skin. In fact, when you use this product in the shower, you simply step out, dab the water off with a towel and you're moisturised for the day. It's heavenly and a great way to prep your skin for summer. Check it out.

Repair & Nourish

This body cream is like nothing I've ever felt before. It is a little on the "more expensive" side for a cream but it isn't your regular cream. This cream feels far superior to EVE LOM, L'Occitane and Aesop creams all put together. No exaggeration. And will leave you feeling nourished, hydrated and rich. haha.

Discount code and (Christmas) Shopping

If you want to try any In The Raw products for yourself then use the code MARVELL15 at the checkout to receive 15% off your order.

Steph has so much more available, from home wares, to jewellery and ceramics. It's hard to walk into one of her three stores and not buy anything. It's the perfect store for gift buying. 

It is no secret that many businesses have suffered through all the lockdowns and Steph's 3 stores are no different, so this Christmas you may also want to spoil your loved ones with a stunning, hand-made gift and support a small business at the same time. Just something to consider. You can't go wrong with any of the items on Steph's website. 

I hope you enjoyed this! Reach out to In The Raw if you have any other questions.

Big love,

Rach xoxo


~ Disclaimer ~

This article is in no way sponsored or paid. I am merely sharing the details of an amazing small business that I absolutely love. I hope you love it too.

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