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Be warned, it's an emotional minefield out there. It's one thing to fall pregnant and have your body go through a lot of changes, it's a whoooole other matter when you're already...

Be warned, it's an emotional minefield out there.

It's one thing to fall pregnant and have your body go through a lot of changes, it's a whoooole other matter when you're already fuller-busted, your boobs get even bigger and your bra options become even more unappealing. 

For example, I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant and I've gone from a manageable size 8G bust with a few nice bra options, to an 8HH/10H with limited bra options - bras that I would probably not be caught dead in. Want to wear a nice dress or top? Forget about it. 

BUT it's not all doom and gloom! I was generously gifted 4 bras to trial by Cake Maternity so I could see if any would work for me and our busty community. See my review below and the links to the products I love, or better yet - just watch it on IGTV! (link below)

When I'm looking for a bra (any bra) there are usually 4 key items I'm personally looking for:

  1. Low cut neckline
  2. Low cut side cup (so it doesn't sit under your armpit)
  3. Thinner strap options
  4. Comfort

I recently reviewed these bras on IGTV and you should watch it here if you want to see them in action. 

The 4 bras gifted to me by Cake Maternity were the Croissant Bra, Tim Tams Nursing Bra, Sugar Candy Lux Nursing Bralette and the Waffles Moulded Nursing Bra. There were two clear front runners, one bra I liked but didn't quite fit and one that was a definite 'no' from me. 

**WINNER 1: Sugar Candy Lux Nursing Bralette (F-H cup) - $69.90**

I wear this bra in a M. I love this bra soooo much that I need to own it in a neutral colour so I can wear it under light coloured clothing. Worth. Every. Cent. Walk, don't run!


  • Wireless - you can wear this top for hours and hours. Days even! 
  • Thinner straps (although not quite thin enough for me)
  • Gorgeous, soft knitted fabric - it's divine to wear
  • Soft, yet strong band. I don't know how they make this band but it's divine
  • Easy access feeding clasps (can do one-handed!)


  • Wireless - which means the shape can be unflattering at times but it's so comfy that I don't actually care. haha
  • Strap width - too thick for a lot of my clothes but if you're not wearing a dress or top that requires thin straps, then this won't bother you at all

Available sizes XS - XXL and I would get in touch to see what size Cake Maternity will recommend for you. I'm a size 8HH - 10H and I'm wearing the M. 

**WINNER 2: Croissant T-Shirt Nursing Bra (10D - 16H) - $74.90

I must admit, I was dubious to even try this bra, especially in a size 10H - this was mainly based on aesthetics. However, this bra was highly ranked by our followers and most of them said that even though it wasn't pretty, it was a winner. And they're not wrong on both fronts! haha. 

The Croissant Bra is super comfortable, nice & smoothing and extremely practical. Also worth your money!


  • Comfort - extremely soft fabric and lovely stretchy band
  • Smoothing finish - so it is great under t-shirts if you're conscious about your underwear being seen
  • Underwired - the rounded shape and support the underwires provide is lovely (especially for my 10H bust!)
  • Easy access clasps for feeding.


  • Too much coverage at both side and front - makes wearing it with anything nice and fashionable quite difficult. Great t-shirt bra though.
  • Straps are too thick - especially for someone like me who looks ridiculous (proportionately) with thick straps
  • Too thick back band - it's like wearing a bullet proof vest, albeit a comfy and stretchy one. haha.

Available sizes 10D - 16H (up to a 20D). Even though my list of cons looks quite long, this bra was clearly a crowd favourite amongst the Instagram tried and tested. Just don't look at it from an aesthetic point of view. 

 **HONOURABLE MENTION: Waffles Moulded Nursing Bra (10D - 16GG) - $69.90

I normally hate padded, moulded bras. It's like a I have a visceral, horrifying reaction to them as soon as I see them. Padded moulded cups usually hold my boobs up too high and I could nearly rest a cup of tea on them. I feel like by boobs enter the room before I do when I wear them - this happens when you're busty. haha. 

The Waffles Bra was a little different though! This bra isn't heavily padded, which is nice and it has quite a low cut at the front, relatively thin straps and a nice, scooped out back - so you can wear it with most fashion. It did fit smaller than all the other bras in the cups, so the 10H was a little small on me so I couldn't wear it. If you ever want to try it then I would suggest you size up. 

 **NOT FOR ME: TimTams Nursing Bra - (10D - 16HH) - $74.90

Whilst I appreciate the attempt to make this bra look nice (velvety straps, gorgeous lace neckline) it was simply too much for someone with my frame. It was full coverage at the front, came up too high under my arms (quite uncomfortable), the straps were extremely thick (around 2.5 cm) and the back band was about 6 cm wide. 

Whilst this bra provided a nice, rounded shape, I found it otherwise swamped me, was too hard to get into and I could hardly wear it with anything else. And because it wasn't as soft as the Croissant Bra above, I wouldn't wear it as just a t-shirt bra either. I want to say some nice things about this bra but it was just not for me. When we're talking about proportionality and design, there is a lot of fabric in this bra for someone my size - even if I do have big boobs!

Whilst I understand the desire for businesses to provide a supportive garment, sometimes the features completely override the individual woman wearing the garment - the woman behind the boobs. This bra is super conservative and super supportive and whilst I'm positive there are people who love this bra it's simply a 'no' from me.

Cake Maternity are clearly experts and highly trained designers when it comes to maternity lingerie and I have to say, the three bras I liked, I actually really love. Thankfully there are companies out there like Cake Maternity who are servicing the busty community. Thank you Cake Maternity! 

Part 2 of the Busty Maternity Bras review will probably come out sometime next week. Until then, good luck on your search for maternity bras! 



Whilst these bras were gifted to me by Cake Maternity, I was under no obligation to review them, let alone review them in a positive manner. It is important that I remain honest and truthful with my opinions about any bras I recommend and I have stayed true to my values with my recommendations above.

Please note that this is merely the opinion of one woman (me) who is on a mission to improve the usual swimwear and lingerie experience for most busty women. If you have a different opinion or can recommend any other bras below then leave a comment for us. We'd love to hear from you! 


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