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Mamamia Out Loud | Marvell Lane

So, an *amazing thing* happened last week! Mamamia broadcasted the existence of Marvell Lane over its Mamamia Out Loud podcast! I can't believe this sorcery really happened. Have a listen here. ~~ Quick...

So, an *amazing thing* happened last week! Mamamia broadcasted the existence of Marvell Lane over its Mamamia Out Loud podcast! I can't believe this sorcery really happened. Have a listen here.

~~ Quick Background ~~

We all know that I (Rachael) consider the hosts of Mamamia Out Loud to be good, solid personal friends of mine... Since moving to Byron Bay nearly 3 years ago, Mamamia Out Loud has gotten me through many lighthouse walks and some very lonely times (moving to a new town at 27 is not easy and it can be really hard to make new friends or even get an invite to have wine). So yes, as they themselves say, Mamamia really are "the friends in your ears." and I simply go for a walk or pour my wine and listen. Anyway...

~~ Background Over ~~ Continue, pls. 

Jessie Stephens, one of the hosts of Mamamia Out Loud was the recipient of some Marvell Lane swimwear and last week she gave a plug about Marvell Lane during their Friday Recommendations segment! I nearly died! DIED, I tell you! I was coming around the bend at Tallow Beach and wanted to jump up and down, scream, cry and laugh all at once. But there was a busload of tourists and I couldn't. So I stopped, stared at the water and listened. And I got super excited. And very, very energised. And then I ran all the way back to my pickup spot, shaving a good 10 minutes off my PB. Thanks Jessie. Now you can call yourself a personal trainer as well! (We all know how much you love exercise, Jessie!)

Jessie, like many women, is petite with a really full bust and struggles to find swimwear that fits, is supportive but also beautiful! Enter: Marvell Lane.

Jessie said some amazing things about our swimwear including and I quote: 

  • "The straps adjust, the back adjusts, the sides of the bottom adjust."
  • "I went home and I nearly cried when I tried it on because everything was in the right places."
  • "It was not too much padding...
  • "You felt secure..."
  • "...the colour and stuff were great." (Personally this was my favourite comment. haha.)

So anyway, if you feel like it then GO AND HAVE A LISTEN! I mentioned my love of Mamamia Out Loud and No Filter in a previous blog of mine and if you don't listen to podcasts then who even are you? Juuuuust kidding. But seriously... 

Finally, thank you Jessie and thank you Mamamia for giving my little lady startup a mention. I still need help to spread the good word about this little swimwear label and your support means a lot to me.


Rach x

~~ Reminder about Who/What/Wear with Marvell Lane ~~

For anyone who isn't familiar with Marvell Lane then welcome to the Marvell Lane club! I just want busty women everywhere to know that Marvell Lane has got you covered. I can fit you via email ( or by direct message on Instagram. Marvell Lane stock the following sizes in our garments:

  • Bikini top sizes 8DD - 16H (DD cup, E cup, F Cup, G Cup, H Cup)
  • Bikini brief sizes 8 - 18
  • One piece sizes 8DD - 16H

Just a few details to remember about Marvell Lane swimwear:

  • Bikini tops and one pieces are fully underwired;
  • External fabric is a luxe Italian fabric which is made from recycled water bottles, abandoned fishing nets and other waste (sustainably produced fabric);
  • No padding in our swimwear so you can dry out quickly (and not have any extra bulk);
  • All bikini tops are lined with power mesh - very strong, sleek and durable; and
  • All orders are sent out in fully compostable, biodegradable post packs.
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