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Sometimes it can be hard to shop for pieces when you've only seen them on models who just seem to fit things perfectly - no matter what - and even if we use a range of models of different shapes and sizes, it can still be hard to envision what "a regular woman" would look like.

That's why Rachael started an IGTV series called In The Wild, a collection of videos which highlight our gorgeous customers reviewing and comparing their MARVELL LANE pieces.

Our latest In The Wild video features the ever-so-lovely, Sue! Sue is a "Nippers mum" on the hunt for the perfect one piece!

More About Sue

Sue is a size 14F bra, 14 brief, and a 14E one piece. Sue wears a slightly larger cup size in our bras for her personal preference of a tad more coverage.

What She Tried On

Watch the full In The Wild IGTV here!

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