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Sometimes it can be hard to shop for pieces when you've only seen them on models who just seem to fit things perfectly - no matter what - and even if we use a range of models of different shapes and sizes, it can still be hard to envision what "a normal woman" would look like. 

That's why Rachael recently started a new IGTV series called In The Wild, a collection of videos which highlight our gorgeous customers reviewing and comparing their MARVELL LANE pieces.

Our latest In The Wild video features the ever so lovely, Lara! Lara is the second customer who has kindly volunteered to be apart of this new series! 

More About Lara

Lara is a size 8F top, 10 brief, and a 10E one piece which is a sister size to the 8F.

What She Tried On

Watch the full In The Wild IGTV here!

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I would like to buy a strapless bra but I dont understand how they work as I see only bras with straps.
Can you please show a pic or is there a video clip about them?

Thank you for your time,

Mieke September 06, 2022

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