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A pretty wire-free bra for big boobs... I found one!

Didn't think it was possible to find a pretty wire-free bra for big boobs? Well think again, ladies! I've discovered a lovely bra (or two) which I think you might...

So... I've been sitting on this wire-free bra for a while now. When I first bought it from Brava Lingerie, I wasn't sure I loved it. But now? Well, I wear it every other day, which suggests to me that this bra has moved up in the ranks to the MVP!

PSST: It's the pink bra in the main image, not the black bra. 

Wire-free bras are tricky for fuller busted women for a number of reasons, but mainly because the underwire actually creates the lovely, rounded shape we all like and it's what actually helps lift our boobs... up! So without an underwire it can be hard to create a bra (or swimsuit) which ticks all our boxes.

Whilst we might all be hoping for the slinky little lacy bralette we see all the influencers repping, we actually know in our heart-of-hearts that this isn't an option for us if we care about shape or lift. However, it's not all bad! The Panache Andorra Wire-free Bra is actually quite cute and comes in a huge size range! 

Why I love it:

  • Low scooped neckline (you can wear it under cute tops/dresses)
  • Thinner straps (so you can wear it under singlets)
  • Good, rounded shape (tiny bit of a point in the shape, but not bad enough to make me not wear it. I just want you to know this.)
  • Pretty lace used all over (even along the front band)
  • Low-cut back (which makes it easier for fashion choices)
  • Comfortable, soft fit all over (hence why I'm wearing it so often!)

Size Range

This bra is made in sizes 6D to 18J. If they haven't got your size in stock then just ask - they can probably get it in for you!

I wear an 8G in all Panache bras and I wear an 8G in this style as well. I also wear an 8G in all MARVELL LANE swimwear too. My bigger boob borders on an 8GG/8H but fits just fine in this wire-free bra. It has a lovely, elasticated edge to it so doesn't cut in at all.


This bra is $89.95 and I must say, I wear it  ALL. THE. TIME. Great value for money! You can find it online here.

Another wire-free suggestion

You will have noticed that I'm also wearing a black bra in the main image. This bra isn't my favourite because it's not the loveliest bra to look at and I'm sure by now you will have realised that I prefer my swimwear and lingerie to be on the prettier/sexier side! So whilst this bra is not getting any style ticks from me, it is getting a special mention because it is 10/10 comfy. Like, seriously comfy!

It's the Fantasie Jacqueline Lace Soft Cup Bra and it retails at $79.95. It comes in a huge size range (cups 8D - 18G) and can be found online here.

A couple of things to note about the Jacqueline bra:

  • Sizing - I have the 8G in this bra and it is a touch big at the top of the cup for me - I could probably size down to an 8FF. However I think this is more of a boob shape issue than a size issue. If you're really full in the front/top of your bust then it's probably going to fit you really well.
  • Strap Thickness - the straps are thicker so if you'd love your shoulders to have a break then you will love this bra.
  • Coverage - this is quite a conservative bra as far as coverage goes, but if you're happy to wear it under a high-necked top or t-shirt, then great. 
  • Shape - this bra also provides a lovely, rounded shape so it could go really well under a tight-fitting top.

So there you have it - I hope you can now find a wire-free bra which you love! 

Have you tried any wire-free bras which you love or which our customers would love? Let us know in the comments below - we love to help the busty ladies out!

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