2 ways to tie Lola

So... You've met Lola - our latest and greatest bikini top for big boobs. And guess what? We designed her with lots of busty women in mind. The best feature of Lola (aside from being gorgeous to look at) is that you can tie her two different ways, depending on the level of coverage you'd like! 

Check out our helpful videos here to watch all about Lola or watch our IGTV here  for a quick tutorial. Even better? Read below for a quick step-by-step guide. FYI: Model wears 12E Lola Top and 14 Olivia Briefs in Mauve. 

Step 1.

Cross the two front ties like the below image. Proceed to Step 3 if you prefer more coverage than less.

Step 2.

For a bustier fit (it's a lil' more cheeky), simply ross the two front ties again and pull firmly. 

Step 3.

Pull the ties around the back of the body firmly. Tie the ties tightly enough to achieve your desired level of support. 

Step 4.

Scoop and swoop your bust inside the top to ensure Lola is fitting you correctly. REMEMBER: The best lift and shape is always achieved when your underwire sits nice and high under your breast tissue.


Any questions? Shoot us an email at info@marvell-lane.com or even better book in for a virtual fitting so our customer service team can help you with fit and styling of the top.


- Rach xx

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