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The best white t-shirts for big boobs

The best white t-shirts for big boobs

Raise your hand if you struggle to find t-shirts that don't make you look frumpy? Good, so it's not just me! 

I found two t-shirts you can currently buy which suit a fuller bust, have nice fabric and that I know will last the distance! 

I have reviewed these tops on IGTV so you can see the make and details up close. You will also get some tips on how to style them - I follow some pretty specific rules! Check it out here - I recommend you watch it.

You can currently nab these tops from:

  1. SEED: V Neck Linen Tee - $59.95 (left pic)
  2. UNIQULO: Ribbed Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt* - $9.90 online, around $15 in-store (right pic)*

I scoured all the current tops from Witchery, Country Road, Target, etc - the usual suspects - but none fit quite as well as these tops, so don't waste your time if you're busty!

Fitting notes

I bought both tops in a size S and they fit me really nicely. I'm a size 8-12 in tops normally (subject to bust fit) and an 8G bra size and swimwear top size. 

Style notes

When you're fuller-busted, it's very easy to look frumpy or like one giant boob when you've wearing t-shirts. This is because the fabric can sometimes shoot straight off your bust and hang down from there - which can be a loooong way from your body. To counteract this, I always break my outfits up and wear tops tucked in to either high-waisted jeans, pants or a skirt. This not only looks a touch more put together, but it is a more stylish way to wear your shirts! 

Review notes

*The top from UNIQULO is pretty much sold out online, but I own this top in nearly every colour and they have a wider range available in store, so if you can, pop in to your nearest UNIQULO store to nab one in every colour!

All items are purchased by me so I can ensure that I only review products which I truly love and actually wear.

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