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Broadsheet x Marvell Lane

Throwback to that day Marvell Lane was featured on Broadsheet as an up & coming swimwear label for busty women. So exciting!

I know it is waaaaaaayyyyy past the publish date (he he he) but I have just found the blog post I wrote below and forgot to publish! I was so excited when I wrote it! Have a read. Enjoy.


Guys! Marvell Lane got noticed. Yep, that's right, Stephanie Vigilante of Broadsheet reached out to little ol' Marvell Lane to ask me about our busty swimwear! You can have a read of the article here and I want to say thank you to Stephanie for considering Marvell Lane and including it in her article. Your next Byron Bay cocktail is on me, Stephanie!

I can't tell you how exciting it is as a small business to start getting some wider recognition for the products Marvell Lane is delivering. I work so hard and even though I've only just released our Collection II, it is so rewarding to know that organically the word of Marvell Lane swimwear is spreading. 

Creating high-quality swimwear for our size range, 8DD - 16H is not easy, it's incredibly expensive and challenging but I am extremely motivated to keep working hard because of the growth we're experiencing and the wonderful feedback I get from our customers. 

So what is the point of telling everyone about the fact that we've been in an article, you wonder? Well, mostly I'm just excited. I want everyone to know about Marvell Lane immediately. Is that too much to ask? Joking. But there is a very important part of marketing a business that Marvell Lane can't yet afford and that is a PR company to help us get mentioned in magazines and various publications. So when we do get noticed it's an even bigger deal for us and super exciting!

I want to spread the Marvell Lane word far and wide because so many women have found us and loved us. Busty women struggle to find swimwear they love, so when they do find some they love they can go forth into summer without dreading putting on their swimwear! There is so much freedom to be had for loving your body but also being proud of the garments you put on your body!


Marvell Lane specialises in fuller bust swimwear. We offer DD Cup, E Cup, F Cup, G Cup, H Cup underwired swimwear in sizes 8DD - 16H. We also offer inclusive sizing in our bikini bottoms and go up to an Australian size 18. We are Australia's leading busty swimwear label and believe that all women deserve beautiful swimwear. 

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