Follow these simple care instructions and your MARVELL LANE  pieces will last you for many seasons!

When in doubt, consult the garment label on your item for the most thorough instructions.


Always rinse immediately after swimming in cold fresh water & take care to completely dry any gold accessories to prevent tarnishing.

Hand-wash only - to help protect the longevity of your garment, do not machine wash. The delicate nature of the fabric and use of underwires means that some machines may damage the garment.

Lay flat to dry in the shade and out of direct sunlight.

Don't wear your swimwear on abrasive surfaces and this may cause damage to the fabric.

Don't get sunscreen, moisturising cream, zinc or makeup on your swimwear as it may stain them.

Check out this blog post to learn more about washing your swimwear.


Hand wash only. The use of underwires means that machine washing (even in a delicates bag!) can damage your garment.

We have a handy video on Instagram here demonstrating how to wash your lace bras!