How to measure your bust size

How To Measure Your Cup Size

The only thing you need is a measuring tape and your body!

You will need to measure both your Band Size (the Under Bust measurement explained below) and your Cup Size (the Over Bust measurement explained below).

Step 1. Under Bust / Band Size Measurement:

  • Always use a soft measuring tape
  • Measure without wearing a bra, your rib cage - the area immediately below your bust (just under your boobs)
  • Ensure the tape is firm and straight
  • This measurement is the Under Bust or Body Measurement (generally corresponds with your clothing size if you wear the right size bra). Check which measurement your rib cage corresponds with in our chart below!

Step 2. Over Bust / Cup Size Measurement:

  • Always use a soft measuring tape
  • Measure either wearing a non-padded bra or no bra
  • Measure the fullest part of your bust with the tape positioned around your back at your band level (where the bottom of the bra band sits)
  • Do not hold the tape too tight as this will flatten the measurement
  • This measurement is your cup size measurement. Align it with the cup size in the below table, making sure your Under Bust and Over Bust measurements align.

Step 3. What is your bra size?

  • Using our chart, align your Under Bust measurement with your Cup Size (Over Bust) measurement. This is your bust size.
  • For example, if your Under Bust measurement is 80 cm then you're a size 14 in the band size and if your Over Bust measurement is 107 cm then your cup size is a 14G!
  • Surprised? Most people are! Many women are actually wearing the wrong sized bra and simply don’t know this. This is because when someone wears a 14DD and has a little bit of cup spillage, they tend to go up a size in Under Bust (i.e. from a 14DD-16DD) when they should probably be going up in a cup size (i.e. 14DD - 14E)!









62-67 cm

67-72 cm

72-77 cm

77-82 cm

82-87 cm

Cup DD

85-87 cm

90-92 cm

95-97 cm

100-102 cm

105-107 cm

Cup E

87-89 cm

92-94 cm

97-99 cm

102-104 cm

107-109 cm

Cup F

89-91 cm

94-96 cm

99-101 cm

104-106 cm

109-111 cm

Cup G

91-93 cm

96-98 cm

101-103 cm

106-108 cm

111-113 cm

Cup H

93-95 cm

98-100 cm

103-105 cm

108-110 cm

113-115 cm


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