I went from no boobs to big boobs and how one boy's words forever changed me...

by Rachael Calvert August 29, 2019

I went from no boobs to big boobs and how one boy's words forever changed me...

Journal: Looking Back On My First Sports Bra

From me, to you, I reveal my favourite - and very trusted - sports bra. But before I reveal just how many of this bra I own (too many), I thought I’d step you through my sports bra journey.

I’ve always been curvy. I’ve always had powerful legs which allowed me to run faster than many of my peers. I’ve always been very agile and enjoyed sport. Whilst the girls in my primary school classes had skinny little legs with knobbly ankles and knees (and which looked like they’d snap in a strong breeze), I looked like I came out of the womb with fully developed calf muscles and sizeable quadriceps. Which is great when all that matters is how fast you can run... and until you start to become aware of how your body looks.

When I was 9 puberty hit. Changing into our dance costumes and leotards as a group became a mortifying process because my body was changing and the other girls’ bodies were not. And by the age of 11 I had my period. Annoying. And just like that I went from lean and muscular to curvy and muscular. Frustrating. By the age of 13 I had a C-cup bust. Cruel!

Seeing my how body changed also changed how I felt about certain sports. I went from enjoying and excelling at gymnastics, to developing larger hips and breasts than many of the other girls. And I hated how I looked in a leotard. So I changed sport - even though I was still very proficient. I dropped gymnastics and dance and replaced them with new sporting challenges.

I chose sports where I could cover up my curves. Netball and touch football became my go-to activities. Yes, more running which was annoying for my fuller bust, but so much fun in the team environment. And more importantly? No. More. Leotards.

I recall in my first term of my first year of high-school when I was playing basketball with a large group of mates when a boy, whose name sounds similar to Shmy Smodgetts*, said I looked like the girl out of Scary Movie who uses her breasts as airbags (here's a little reminder for you). I was mortified. And even though it's kind of funny now, I’ve never actually forgotten that moment. I acted tough and told Shmy what I thought of him and kept playing. But it was the last time I ever played sport without feeling self-conscious and the first time I started to worry about whether I “looked good” or if my breasts were "too noticeable" whilst playing sports.

I went from playing my heart out (and kicking many of those boys’ arses) to being so self-conscious about my bust that I made sure I only ever had a hugely baggy shirt on to play sport and to make sure I hunched over and held my bust down so it didn’t move whilst I ran. I want to go back and erase that memory (and the inhibitions that prevented me playing as well as I could) and to kick Shmy Smodgetts in the nuts. But such is life and I would come to learn that sport wasn’t the only thing to eventually be affected by my changing body shape.
One of the gripes about being a busty girl is that buying our lingerie (and swimwear) is such an expensive - and often soul-destroying - experience. One of the differences between myself and my peers in sport was that whilst they got away with playing sport in their affordable little Bonds crop tops, I was already having to go through the mortifying process of bra shopping in the “old ladies” bra shop with my mum. And my sports bra, resembling something closer to a bullet-proof-vest than a bra, cost around $80 back then - around 17 years ago. Man, I feel old writing that. Even at my ripe old age of 31!

But as I write this small reflection on my first foray into sports bras, I must say that things have come a long way. I now own 5 of this Panache Sports Bra and whilst it still isn’t super cute (I’m not sure that’s really possible for an effective busty sports bra) it isn’t as full-coverage as others out there. And it costs around $99 to buy. Practically a bargain - relatively speaking!

You can buy this bra in many places but I must say that I tend to buy most of my bras through Brava Lingerie - online or in store

I'd love to hear what you think about my experience - did you have a similar experience or not at all? Let me know in the comments below!

Much love and light,

Rachael, Marvell Lane Musings
*Name changed to protect his identity. Not that he deserves it. Boys suck.



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